Vehicle Technologies Inc.

"Moving Forward in All Directions"

Vetex - A Short Story

  In the spring of 2008 the entire staff of a New Jersey based technology company found them selves unemployed, as the Company they worked for, imploded under financial pressures. A group of the newly unemployed, comprised of nearly the entire technical staff, decided to band together and carry on in the quest to revolutionize the way things are moved in the world today.They called themselves Vehicle Technologies, Inc., but are known as Vetex for short. They poured in their personal savings, and requisite buckets of sweat equity, to make the new Company a success.


They then put together a family of offerings. Customizable Omni-Directional Mobility platforms. They are of types referred to as RMP (Robotic Mobility Platform), RCMP (Remote Controlled Mobility Platform), and WMP (Walk-behind Mobility Platform). These are available in a variety of sizes, capacities, and types, including skid handling, lift table, and with tables that lift and tilt. Also offered, is an array of Operator Control types, such as tethered and wireless for the RCMP, and fixed, re-locatable, or walk/ride for the WMP.

In addition to producing the mobility platforms, Vetex works with OEM’s as a system integrator, helping to bring the efficiencies of Omni-Directional Mobility to their products. Vetex provides engineering assistance, and a spectrum of axle kit configurations. Vetex also performs conversions or drive system add-ons to vehicles, machines, or platforms that are already performing valuable service in the field, but can benefit from added maneuverability. The number and kinds of applications for this technology are seemingly limitless. For handling loads from 500 to over 100,000 pounds, in robotics, materials handling, aircraft assembly, access, aviation ground support, composites manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, shipboard marine, medical equipment, ........ the list goes on and on.

If you need to move or install long or bulky loads, need to accurately position or dock a vehicle or piece of equipment, or simply maneuver in very tight spaces, this technology can provide the solution to your problem.