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Automated Container Loaders & Unloaders

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The unloader above, known as the TEUN PIQR 1, has been developed by ErgoLog BV using a combination of Robotic arm, computer vision system, and other functionalities. TEUN automatically unloads trucks or overseas shipping containers, palletizes the contents, stretch wraps and marks the pallets and conveys them to a waiting lift truck. PIQR 1 takes advantage of an omni-directional drive sysem to provide the machine with exceptional manuverability both on the dock and inside the container. This ground breaking omni-directional vehice concept has received the Logistica 2009 People's Choice Award. Click on the picture to see a video of PIQR 1 in action! An omni-directional truck and container loader known as PAQR 1 has also been developed.

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