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Introducing RoboMate

In addition to the Custom Designed Platforms that Vetex is known for, we are now offering mobility platforms in Standard configurations.  While primarily intended for use by Robotic System Integrators, there are many other applications, including materials handling, where these standard platforms will be able to provide Omni-Directional Mobility at a lower cost than a Custom Designed solution. In their basic form these platforms are prepared for CAN bus control by some higher level system, but they can easily be utilized by manual control with any of our available plug-in operator interface options.

Basic Specifications

RoboMate 10
28 x 42 Platform - up to 1,000# Capacity

RoboMate 17
34 x 54 Platform - up to 5,000# Capacity

RoboMate 21
48 x 86 Platform - up to 20,000# Capacity

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RoboMate Manual Control Options
Basic Pendant Handheld Controller
This model is CAN based and features 3 axis joystick control, enable, and emergency stop operators. It is available with 6' to 100' cord and plugs into the Vetex standard communications port. It can be customized for certain applications.

Wireless Control

RoboMate can be controlled remotely from up to 1000 feet away using our wireless control. The transmitter uses two joysticks for vehicle control. The one on the right controls translation and rotation. The one on the left can be assigned to auxillary functions such as lift and lower. Additonal operators are available for the operation of other functions. They can control added functionallity such as load, rotating. or tilting.

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Multi Function Hand Held Pendant Control

This control is available with 6 to 100 foot cord length and plugs directly into the RoboMate standard communications port. It is CAN based with standard with 3 axis joystick control and Emergency stop. It has 4 push buttons that can be set up to control additional functions. It is available with a variety of options including Battery Discharge and System Status Indication and with a molded protective rubber cover to cushion it if dropped.

Commercial Tiller Head
Walk Behind Tiller Control

We offer two walk behind tiller options. The Commercial option is a lower cost version suitable for use in normal indoor commercial applications such as laboratories and warehouses. It has an available BDI/SSI option. The Industrial version is more suited to heavy duty indoor/outdoor applications like factories, airports, and aboard ships. It is typically used on swingarm mounted applications where large loads require maximum visibility for tight quarter manuvering. It has a redundant deadman operation sometimes required in special applications, and is available with IP65 sealing. Its BDI/SSI is upgradeable to full drive system diagnostics with error logging capabilities and adjustable system performance settings.

Industrial Tiller Head
Other Options

In addition to providing your RoboMate Platform with our Standard mark resistant Polyurethane rollers, we can offer it equipped with special non-marking gray rollers for use in laboratories, clean rooms, on carpet, tile, or any surface that is very sensitive to being marked by rolling tires.